Here’s where you get the skinny on Mister Fifties. Let’s go over the site features, and then make sure that you go to the bottom of this page and see how smart you are about 50’s trivia.

The navigation tabs at the top of the website:

  1. Home– What can I say? It’s Home
  2. Fan Magazine– Here you can read all the about the band with our monthly Fan Magazine.
  3. Events – Do you really need us to tell you this is where we keep our calendar?
  4. Gallery – We put our pictures here. Lots of photos of the band!
  5. Bar Owners Corner – This is where we give the venue operator ideas about how to use Mister Fifties show for a successful happening.
  6. WHUH Radio – Huh? It’s on-demand pure entertainment!
  7. Mister Fifties Fun House – Here you can get all the recent happenings about Mister Fifties
  8. Contact Us – This is one of the many place on our site where you can “Contact Us”.
  9. Privacy – This is where we explain to you about privacy and things called “cookies”. We’re really not sure what they, just that you can’t eat them. We’re musicians, not internet gurus here!

At this point you may be wondering ¬†who the heck is Mister Fifities. We love talking about us…it’s our favorite subject. Mister Fifties is the longest running golden oldies rock n roll show on the Grand Strand. But, you can learn about us here.

Now we’d like to learn more about you. Let us know what you like best below:

Did you know….? That when you attend a Mister Fifties show dancing is not only encouraged, it is taught! You can learn how to do The Monkey, The Hully Gully (Hully wha?) The Swim, The Stroll, The Jerk, The Twist, The Mashed Potato, and more.

Many of our fans come to our gigs dressed in their favorite 50s fashions. You’ll poodle skirts, leather jackets, letter sweaters, blue jeans, skinny neckties, porkpie hats, sun glasses, and berets. So, get yourself a pack of Lucky Strikes (we’re not suggesting you smoke them) roll them up in your shirt sleeve and c’mon.