The Mister Fifties Fan Magazine recently interviewed Wayne Moore about his nomination by the Carolina Beach Music Awards for songwriting.  We sat down with Wayne and he filled us in on the gig where Amy Arrington fakes her own death. This is the final part – -# 7 of 7.

Wayne Moore, Mister Fifties Drummer, Up For Carolina Beach Music Award (Part 7 whew!)

MF – I think it is important to keep your friends, I’ll never know when I will need you to sit in on a gig and I like to keep it friendly, besides we have been through some good times together.  Since we are reminiscing – one of my favorite Mister Fifties legends is the day when Amy Arriington attempted to fake her death during a Tiki Bar show.  You were there.
WM – I remember that!  We were playing our last set of the evening on the patio behind the Spanish Galleon and there was some commotion on the beach – the place was buzzin’ with cops and coast guard –
MF – and, if you recall we just kicked off the song ‘Last Kiss’ – since it was sundown we could see the search lights from the helicopters.  Bonnie, your girl, came up to where we were playing and told us that they think someone drowned and called in the North Myrtle Beach Fire and Rescue Squad.  We completed our final set and packed up.
WM – When I got home there was something on the news about it, but, it was a week later when we found out what really happened.  This chick from North Carolina had her husband or somebody call the police to say that she went into the ocean and never came out and that created a panic.  Before you know it Fire & Rescue were on the beach with wave runners, jeeps and a helicopter looking for this woman’s body.
MF – yeah, her name was Amy Arrington and they busted her, alive and well in North Carolina.  Her partner was arrested for a false report and she went to prison – apparently she was already on parole for something else. That’s when we started to mentally review the incident and you reminded me that we were playing ‘Last Kiss’ when this all started to go down, and, thats when I got the idea that since we were doing ‘Last Kiss’ when it happened that I would write a send up with the ‘Last Kiss’ melody.
WM – I still have the lyrics that you gave me, you had an idea to rewrite ‘Last Kiss’ about Amy Arrington ….Oh where oh where can Amy Arrington be, they said that she drowned in the sea…something like that….we need to finish that tune, pretty funny stuff man.
MF – can you imagine? Trying to fake you own death, what was that lady thinking…now, she a funny Mister Fifties story.
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